Job Hopping has become trendy, but it’s not always the most beneficial move for your career. And unlike many are starting to believe, it doesn’t always equal that major pay increase you’re hoping for.

If you’re struggling with coming out of long-term unemployment, you’re not alone. Many have been unemployed for so long that re-entering the job market is a daunting prospect. Make the most of your time and jump into the job search now – you never know when or how things will change next.

Gone are the days where everyone wears a suit and tie into the office every day.

Job seekers spend hours crafting the perfect resume. While focusing all their efforts on ensuring their resume eliminates any potential red flags for employers, they often forget to be on the lookout for red flags in the job postings they are applying for.

Many think asking for feedback is a sign of inexperience or lack of knowledge, but that just isn't true. Here's why.

If you’re still on the quest to find your dream job, don’t despair… it is possible. The key is being realistic about what the ideal career looks like, and the potential struggles and hard work involved.