Diversity Series

Intro to Diversity & Inclusion Concepts

Lambers Fisher is a licensed marriage and family therapist who will introduce basic concepts and try to get everyone on a similar sheet of music. Click here for more information on Lambers.

Fair Chance Hiring

Cindy Villarreal, Kansas Department of Corrections, is an Offender Workforce Development and Employment Retention Specialist and certified trainer, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. She graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education, and after a time in banking and in early childhood education, found her passion in workforce development. As part of the KDOC Reentry team, she prepares justice-involved individuals to become productive and valued employees and responsible citizens. She has presented at many levels, including local, regional, and national offender employment conferences, where her workshop was reviewed as being one of the best on the subject due to the practical advice and techniques given towards success in Second Chance and Fair Chance Employment.

Safe Zone – Safe Space for LGBTQIA+

Clinton Shane Bradley has been a minister, horse wrangler, soldier, international fashion model, journalist, franchise owner, tenured HR professional, corporate leader – a world traveler. These unconventional paths have become lessons forged from opportunity, and failure. These lessons are the cornerstone of my philosophical approach to our connected diversities. We are humans – not numbers. We place policy and “professional etiquette” before transparency and openness. My 20-years spent in the trenches of HR have provided truths beyond the complex navigation of ego and comfort. It is possible to include those we consciously, or unconsciously, marginalize through purposeful listening and sharing. It is possible to have an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague and leader – while remaining respectful. My truth is to be your guide down a hopeful path with kindness, empathy, advocacy, and belonging. Click here for more information about Clinton and here for LinkedIn.

Unbias: Moving Beyond Talk

We’ve defined the concepts; we’ve talked about what diversity is, what inclusion is and how the concepts relate to the workplace. We’ve told everyone why diversity matters, why inclusion matters, and explained with charts, graphs and statistics about return on investment and the business case for inclusion. But we are beyond talk and data. It’s time for action. If you’ve found yourself asking “how”?