Diversity Series

The Power of Inclusive Leadership

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We will discuss how inclusive leadership is an effective tool that can aid in building strong teams, foster an environment of innovation and a place for all to thrive.
Participants will gain understanding of:
  • inclusive leadership and the value it brings to teams and organizations
  • the 3R’s of inclusive leadership
  • the 3C’s of inclusive leadership
  • the importance of valuing differences in the workplace
  • the importance of inclusivity for building strong and collaborative teams


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LaShonda Garnes, Fidelity Bank

LaShonda Garnes is on a mission to ensure all voices are represented at the table. She is the Senior Vice President, Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity at Fidelity Bank. She has a unique 25 year background in the public and private sector. Her work encompasses community development, authentic engagement and facilitation, coalition building, training and project management on multi-million dollar projects. She is currently the first Director of IE&D and is working to launch a corporate strategy that fosters inclusivity, across the multiple markets Fidelity serves. She recently was recognized as a 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Honoree by the Wichita Business Journal. 

Guilty or Not Guilty: The Constitution of DEIB

July 13th, Noon-1pm

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…. Do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA (US, 1787). These words, written in 1787, were intended to represent a country that supported the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (US, 1776) of all its people. Now, the question – which people are they referring to? How is DEI&B being defined? What does it mean to practicing attorneys? Are we guilty of camouflaging diversity in law or not guilty for not saying what’s right or wrong?

Explore the fundamental question of whether the work of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is protected by the US Constitution. Learn the understanding of the constitution as it reflects DEI&B.

Dr. Marche Fleming-Randle

Dr. Marche Fleming-Randle is an esteemed authority and highly regarded expert in the field of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), with a particular focus on education. With a strong academic and research background, she has emerged as both a trailblazer and accomplished leader. Notably, Dr. Fleming-Randle holds the distinction of being the first African American Female Vice President in the 128-year history of Wichita State University. In addition to her vice presidency, she also serves as the university’s Chief Diversity Officer and Director for Military, Veterans, and ROTC Programs, making significant contributions that have had a lasting impact on the academic and local communities. Moreover, Dr. Fleming-Randle chairs the university’s President’s Diversity Council and remains the sole vice president who continues to teach ethnic studies courses as a professor.
Dr. Fleming-Randle’s expertise spans a diverse range of areas, including mental health, child and youth programs, educational leadership, and diversity. Her unwavering passion and commitment have positioned her as a leading authority in the field. She has authored influential works, such as “The Gumbo Analysis of Diversity Handbook,” “The Bold, Black and Beautiful,” and “The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Handbook,” and has made significant contributions to numerous publications, articles, policies, research journals, and grants.
Acknowledged for her impactful contributions, Dr. Fleming-Randle has received prestigious accolades, including the Excellence in Teaching Award, The Business Journal Diversity and Leadership Award, U.S. Department of Education’s MLK Drum Major Innovation Service Award, and the Wichita State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion Phenomenal Woman Award. She has also been recognized in Who’s Who Among America’s College Professors and has received the TRIO Disability Support Services Lighthouse Award for Faculty of the Year, among other distinguished honors.
Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Marché is a sought-after motivational speaker and prominent public intellectual, captivating audiences with her inspiring words. She is a proud member of esteemed organizations, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. and The Links, Incorporated.
In her personal time, Dr. Marché enjoys listening to the music of Prince, watching 007 James Bond movies, and cherishing quality time with her husband, Aron.
With her extensive expertise, exceptional accomplishments, and active engagement in the field of DE&I, Dr. Marché Fleming-Randle stands as a highly credible and influential figure, uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights and drive educational excellence and equity.

Communicating with a Diverse Audience

Inclusive Communication is the method of using communication to allow everyone within a workplace to belong. In the workplace, there are different levels of seniority, professional experiences, cultural backgrounds and functional and access needs. If you’re communicating a policy that impacts a variety of people, how do you engage all of them? Engaging a diverse audience creates cohesion and momentum, but requires intention, preparation, and appropriate delivery. 

This program is designed to cover the following competencies: 
  • Understanding your audience 
  • Communicating through various mediums. 
  • Check your Bias!
  • Listen to People! 
  • Open up and Be Vulnerable

Ashlyn Lindskog

Ashlyn Lindskog has always wanted to make a difference. Through her work with non-profit entities, Ashlyn learned that there is a constant need for legal expertise to address the issues that matter in people’s lives. Ashlyn joined Martin Pringle in 2015 after spending two years clerking for the firm. She focuses her practice on employment law, municipal law, business law, real estate law, and civil and commercial litigation matters.

African American Leaders from Kansas -Pioneers in DE&I

This presentation highlights African Americans from Kansas who influenced society by pioneering early DE&I initiatives through civic engagement, sciences, civil rights, sports, business and education. These early Trailblazers were often the “first” in their field to make significant contributions on a national and global scale. Human resource professionals will connect the importance of early Kansas as a “Free State” and the legacy we are experiencing today.

Learning Objectives

  1. Kansas — “Free State” and Exodusters-early African American settlers.
  2. Trailblazers, Icons and Change Makers, who are they and what did they do?
  3. Legacy and connecting today’s DE&I initiatives.

Denise Sherman

Since 2018, Denise Sherman has served as the Executive Director for The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM). During her tenure at the the museum, Denise has elevated Kansas African American stories, experiences, and contributions to society under the positioning statement “We Are Culture!” In doing so, cultural competency, cultural awareness, and culturally immersive experiences are explored through art, history, and education. TKAAM offers exhibitions, programs, education, and events that address contemporary issues, provides a bridge between past, current and future, as well as elevate the engagement from the community. Prior to joining TKAAM, Denise held administrative positions in higher education, as well as owned several businesses, including media, manufacturing and consulting services.

Denise holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Development, Masters Business Administration, and a member of Wichita SHRM Chapter since 2010. In addition, SHRM-CP, PHR and certifications in leadership, learning and development, nonprofit management and fundraising and served on various committees and initiatives in DEI, as well held adjunct positions for several colleges & universities.

Check Our Past Sessions

Fair Chance Hiring

Cindy Villarreal, Kansas Department of Corrections, is an Offender Workforce Development and Employment Retention Specialist and certified trainer, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. She graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education, and after a time in banking and in early childhood education, found her passion in workforce development. As part of the KDOC Reentry team, she prepares justice-involved individuals to become productive and valued employees and responsible citizens. She has presented at many levels, including local, regional, and national offender employment conferences, where her workshop was reviewed as being one of the best on the subject due to the practical advice and techniques given towards success in Second Chance and Fair Chance Employment.

Safe Zone – Safe Space for LGBTQIA+

Clinton Shane Bradley has been a minister, horse wrangler, soldier, international fashion model, journalist, franchise owner, tenured HR professional, corporate leader – a world traveler. These unconventional paths have become lessons forged from opportunity, and failure. These lessons are the cornerstone of my philosophical approach to our connected diversities. We are humans – not numbers. We place policy and “professional etiquette” before transparency and openness. My 20-years spent in the trenches of HR have provided truths beyond the complex navigation of ego and comfort. It is possible to include those we consciously, or unconsciously, marginalize through purposeful listening and sharing. It is possible to have an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague and leader – while remaining respectful. My truth is to be your guide down a hopeful path with kindness, empathy, advocacy, and belonging. Click here for more information about Clinton and here for LinkedIn.

Unbias: Moving Beyond Talk

We’ve defined the concepts; we’ve talked about what diversity is, what inclusion is and how the concepts relate to the workplace. We’ve told everyone why diversity matters, why inclusion matters, and explained with charts, graphs and statistics about return on investment and the business case for inclusion. But we are beyond talk and data. It’s time for action. If you’ve found yourself asking “how”?

Hello... Let's Talk About Pronouns

An inclusive workplace recognizes and celebrates the many ways that we are all different. This presentation will explore gender pronouns and provide information to help us better understand what they are and why they matter.

The Do’s and Don’ts of creating, building, and maintaining a DIY DEI program

The idea of creating an internal diversity, equity, and inclusion program can be daunting.  You know it is critical work and you want to do it the right way.  As someone who has both created and managed an internal DEI program and advised clients who are doing the same, Ashlyn has learned a few things along the way.  The aim of this discussion is to provide a useful and practical starting point for those interested in creating authentic, active, and healthy DEI programs and policies in their businesses or workplaces.  

Advancing DEI In a Hybrid Work Environment

Post-pandemic, our working environment has shifted. There is more of a demand for flexible work opportunities. Not only that, there has been an increase in calls for organizations to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). But, how can an organization advance DEI effectively while some staff work in the office, others from home, and some doing both? How do you ensure that employees, no matter their location, stay engaged with the culture? Advancing DEI In a Hybrid Work Environmentwill address these concerns and more.  

Intro to Diversity & Inclusion Concepts

Lambers Fisher is a licensed marriage and family therapist who will introduce basic concepts and try to get everyone on a similar sheet of music. Click here for more information on Lambers.

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